POPL 2024
Sun 14 - Sat 20 January 2024 London, United Kingdom

POPL 2024 is organized as an in-person event.

The talk schedule and social events will follow the local time zone (GMT). Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend in person. However, we understand that not everyone can do so and, in an effort to be inclusive, we will also offer virtual participation.

All the talks from POPL and the colocated workshops will be streamed on-line, in real time on SIGPLAN’s YouTube Channel for video streaming and Discord for Q&A. Please note that some talks may not be streamed or recorded to accommodate the presenters’ wishes.

Talk streams will be free on YouTube, and so will be participating on the Discord forum. Virtual-only attendees are requested to register for the conference for a reduced fee for the following reasons:

  1. be recognized as an official participant at POPL’24 and be eligible to receive a certificate of participation, and;
  2. offset the costs of audio/video system rentals, travel support for a/v volunteers who enable this service.

The POPL 2024 Discord server can be accessed through the following link: (https://discord.gg/popl-2024).