POPL 2024
Sun 14 - Sat 20 January 2024 London, United Kingdom
Tue 16 Jan 2024 14:30 - 15:00 at Lovelace Room - Answer Set Programming II Chair(s): Mario Alviano

Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a declarative formalism, developed in the field of nonmonotonic reasoning and recognized as a powerful tool for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. ASP features show potential also in the Stream Reasoning realm. Nevertheless, such scenario demands for repeated executions and requires reactive reasoning over rapidly changing data streams. Evaluating ASP programs from scratch at each time point represents a bottleneck. To overcome such limits, incremental reasoning techniques have been proposed. Overgrounding is an incremental grounding technique working under the answer set semantics that totally espouses the ASP declarative nature. Given a non-ground program to be repeatedly evaluated in consecutive time points over possibly differing sets of input facts, overgrounding maintains and enriches an overgrounded program, which lately converges to a propositional theory general enough to be reused together with possible future inputs. In this work, we focus on developments and extensions of overgrounding that could be beneficial in Stream Reasoning applications. In particular, we present some forgetting strategies purposely intended to mitigate the typical accumulation-oriented behavior of overgrounding by properly dropping accumulated atoms and/or rules.

Tue 16 Jan

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14:00 - 15:30
Answer Set Programming IIPADL at Lovelace Room
Chair(s): Mario Alviano University of Calabria
Automated Interactive Domain-Specific Conversational Agents that Understand Human Dialogs
Yankai Zeng The University of Texas at Dallas, Abhiramon Rajasekharan The University of Texas at Dallas, Parth Padalkar THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS, Kinjal Basu IBM, Joaquín Arias Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Gopal Gupta University of Texas at Dallas
Forgetting Techniques for Optimizing ASP-based Stream Reasoning
Francesco Calimeri University of Calabria, Giovambattista Ianni University of Calabria, Italy, Francesco Pacenza Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Calabria, Simona Perri University of Calabria, Italy, Jessica Zangari Università della Calabria