POPL 2024
Sun 14 - Sat 20 January 2024 London, United Kingdom
Wed 17 Jan 2024 12:50 - 13:00 at Siemens Boardroom - Wednesday Lunch Session Previews Chair(s): Aurèle Barrière
as of Nov. 2021 Professor Saarland University, Germany
as of Jan. 2020 Lecturer University College London, United Kingdom
Feb. 2019 – Dec. 2019 Postdoctoral Researcher RWTH Aachen, Germany
Oct. 2013 – Feb. 2019 PhD in semantics and verification of probabilistic programs RWTH Aachen, Germany

Wed 17 Jan

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12:50 - 13:10
Wednesday Lunch Session PreviewsSession Previews at Siemens Boardroom
Chair(s): Aurèle Barrière EPFL
Research preview
Automata and Complexity: Session Preview
Session Previews
Benjamin Lucien Kaminski Saarland University; University College London
Research preview
Separation Logic: Session Preview
Session Previews
Ralf Jung ETH Zurich